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Welcome to First Choice Insurance Agency.

  • Insurance is a necessity in life. You look for it to protect a home, provide safety and comfort to your family. Or, you seek an auto plan to fulfill the state law, allowing you the privilege of driving. Or, you want the health benefits of an insurance plan that will decrease your total payments in the event of an accident, cavity, or doctor’s check-up. Whatever the reason, each of us seeks the right insurance plan for the right price at some point in our lives.

  • Finding the right plan can be an adventure in and of itself. Every company offers you different options that will protect some aspect of your life. The number of options is truly mesmerizing, and they can cover virtually everything. But, despite all the options, we often only truly need a few of them to do what we want it to. Rarely will we need every option. But how can you know which options are best?

  • Whether it's homeowner's, auto ,commercial, Workers Comp, or business insurance, First Choice Insurance Agency can provide the coverage you need to protect the investments you value most.